August 2012 Meeting Notes

PPQMA Meeting August 9, 2012

Start Time: 6:35 pm

In attendance: Clark Family, Jones Family, Boudrieau Family, Webber Family, Riggs Family and Johnston Family.

Betsy to get updated Roster list to Dawn to update number of families.  It appears that we have one or two new families to the club.  Getting verification.

Financial Statements: There is currently $5,371.35 in the bank

·         Steve is to meet with Keith Hartman who can still sign on the old account to have the account closed.  There should be approximately $2,000.00 in that account. 

We were advised that if we wanted to go to Vegas for the race in October, that we should go to the Denver offsite race as it resembles the Vegas track that they would be racing on. According to the RMQMA website that is set for September 1st and the place has yet to be determined.               

The Albuquerque Classic is October 5 – 7.  You can go to their website at to take a look at their other events.

We have also discussed the future races in Pueblo and the Pumpkin race that is held there.  If you want more information on their track go to their website at

It is important to look at all 3 websites to be up to date as we all try to keep in touch with other clubs to validate our calendars.

Winter racing is another big question.   We have a lot of interest, but it does take an extreme amount of time and volunteer work for the weekends with set up, racing, and tear down.  We need to get numbers in so that we can be assured the kids will race in the NORMAL off season.  Steve has been in touch with the fair people and is in the process of finding the open dates.  Steve is going to be talking with the presidents of the other region 8 tracks regarding help.  They are having their regional meeting on August 11, 2012.


If you know someone in a business ask them if they would like to sponsor on the track or on the website.  It gets their business name out there.


Fan Fest is August 10, 2012 from 5 – 10 downtown between Platte and Colorado on the Tejon Corridor.  We will have a tent set up.  The Clarks and the Sokols will for sure have cars down there.  Hope to have a good turn out.


There should be no one in the scale house at anytime unless it is a driver and handler after the race and the assigned scale house person.  Please remind the kids of this.  The scale is expensive to fix if it breaks.

WINDOWS FOR TOWER – Has been approved by all at the meeting.  Dana is to be getting those and would like to have them in by the 19th for our race.

TROPHIES – It has been approved that Dana will be approved $250 for supplies for trophies.

WELL – The well has not been working and we have approved that it needs to be fixed.  If it is anything over $1000 it needs to be reapproved.  This needs to be fixed as we need to have water to run the kitchen as well as water the track.

INFIELD – The Sokol family has offered to put sprinklers in the infield.  It would be nice to get some good looking grass out there to spruce it up.

Meeting adjourned 7:28 pm

Respectfully Submitted by Dawn Riggs.