December 2015

Meeting Date:  December 10, 2015
Held at:  Boriello Brother's on 8th Street @ 6:30pm
Submitted By:  Angela Mandelkow

In attendance:  Kinkennon, Sokol, Keeney (2), Jones, Boston, Burrows (2)

Balance:  $6,990

Looking into bills paid once per year (dumpsters, port-a-pottys)

Bank account been transferred to new board members (Kevin, Vicki, Angela)

New Meeting Location:  Looking for ideas around Academy/Powers corridor

New Meeting Day:  2nd Monday of Month @ 6:30pm  (Holiday)

Need way to make more families attend meetings  

Facebook - More info on site.  Get info from other families.  Pick a driver each month and do a highlight on them.  Highlight sponsorship on facebook.  Post results, race highlights.  

Shade for stands...

Track sponsors:  Ferguson

St. Patricks's Parade, Parade of Lights, Fan Fest, Springs Spree, Car Shows  to bring in more members.  Visit schools... 

Schedule - SCS Meeting - Need to decide on additional qualifying date.  Question about Qual - Heat - Main, where Qualifying does not count towards points.  

Track issues - Water, Tower, Lighting (Brett J. to get estimate), Fence by Sod Farm, Fence Lock Change, Grade the road

Winners Circle Area by old crappy shed, picture to include mountain range.  

Parking Spots - Due by January Meeting. 

Novice Trainer - 

Track Maintenance - 

Indoor Racing - We need to bring paper numbers, line-up board (need to repair) and fire extinguishers.  

Novice Training for Indoor - Need to setup for new family.  

Nick - New Flagger