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January 2016 Meeting Notes

In Attendance:  Bowers, V. Clark, Boston, Watson, Jones, Sokol, Moake, K. Kinkennon, S. Kinkennon, J. Keeney, V. Keeney, Ashcraft, J. Burrows, K. Burrows, R.Burrows

Balance:  Hover around $6K, same balance from last year. 

New Member Mark Ashcraft.  

Novice Training before Indoor Race, Sunday @ Kevin's House 10 am.  

Parking Spots:  Be paid by April meeting.  

Track Cleanup - Address later once weather gets warmer

Schedule:  Pretty much set, SCQMA is working with track for dates.  

Car for Try It You'll Like It - Vern might have a lead

Recruit new members, loan car for first couple of Novice races, if kids interested then they buy their own car.  (Idea from Tuscon)

Covering grandstands - looking for connections as to who can help with this.

Winners Circle

Come up with fundraiser sheets for business, sign included for year, facebook and website advertising.  Be ready for next meeting.  Come up with goal as how much we want to raise.  

Grading entry roads

Lighting for night races

Tower Committee to plan for 2017/18

Concession Alternatives - Food Truck, Popcorn, Sno Cones, 

Food Committee - Melissa Keeney, Amber Sokol, Wendy Moake, Vicki Keeney

Track Projects Committee - Kevin Sokol, Braden Watson, Kirk Burrows

Advertising Committee - Radio Station, News Station, Barb Clark, Mary Kinkenon, Amber Sokol

Rules for Indoor - 2015 Rule Book???  Kevin to follow up with Tad Fiser

T-Shirt - Sponsors

Re-code combos and re-key tower

Mike Bowers - Check for Toolkit

Kevin Sokol - Check Fire Extinguishers

Amber - Stuff for Indoor Race