December 2016 Meeting Motes

In Attendance:  Sokol, Boston, Ashcraft, Jones, Keeney (2), Shankerman, Kinkennon(2), Moake, V. Clark, Burrows (3)

Balance ~$10,622.76

Expecting check for $2,600 from Dunlop

Still to pay expenses for banquet ~1,000

Additional meeting to brainstorm ideas for sponsors, recruitment, etc.  

Trailer for Region Wall - 
$4000 Loan
  -  Yes:  4
  -  No:  5

Highest Altitude Track - Got Oxygen?

Sponsor Themed Race Weekend:
-  Ferguson Forty
-  Peak View Plumbing  Toilet Bowl

*  Seat Belts good for 4 years instead of 2
*  Engine Timing Changes (aligned with USAC)
*  Eyebrow Visors Allowed
*  Sail Panels

New Tech Director for PPQMA - Corey Boston & Mark Ashcraft

Racievers - Out

Parking Spots - First to Pay, First to Pick Spot