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December 2014 Meeting Notes

Meeting Date:  December 11, 2014
Held at:  Boriello Brother's on 8th Street @ 6:30pm
Submitted By:  Angela Mandelkow

In attendance:  Hollis, Burrows, Clark, Sokol, Riggs, Boston, Keeney, Jones, Jarman, Boudrieau, Krause-Mahan, Bowers

Balance:  $6575.23
All bills are paid (insurance, charter, Moscore software, etc.)

Welcoming a the Keeney family and future driver Skyler!  

Need to prepare for Spring cleanup (clean track, basic maintance, etc.)

Discussions about whether we liked 8 races this year (instead of 9 for previous year).  Pros/cons about double race days (Sat/Sun)

Agreed to start racing season in May again, it worked out well last year.  

This year States Race will be at our track (Saturday), a portion of proceeds will go directly to QA, we will need to send in our results to National, not a points race, but is required to race if you want to attend the Eastern/Western Grands.  The following Sunday will be a points race hosted by our track.  

Starting to plan for Father's Day 2015 Weekend, which is our big race weekend.  Looking to plan to have BBQ and larger trophies for the drivers.  Looking to advertise so that we can get more than just Colorado families in attendance.  

Discussion about whether to continue trophies for every race, or just doing medals.  Riggs family will not be doing trophies this year and that will probably be transferred to the Boston family.  

Corey has been doing a great job with Facebook.  We will explore additional opportunities to advertise PPQMA through it.  Also need to get in touch with Tracy Johnston in order to disable old Facebook account.  

New novice famililes, we need to continue supporting them so that we can build a strong club.  Suggestion was to invite them out for the spring cleaning, then we can do their safety inspection then and get them some basic training on car maintenance, novice type instructions, any any other good bits of information that we can share without the stress/chaos of a typical race day.  

Our goal is to have the concession stand running every race this year.  To accomplish this we need to get some extra help for Betsy, so that if she has other plans, that we still have concession stand.  

Also looking into finding somebody to be a Flagger year round for our club.  PPQMA would agree to pay their QMA registration if they can commit to every race day.  Looking into several options.  

Advertising/Club Growth - Looking into several opportunities to get the word out about quarter midget racing, but the most important is Word of Mouth...  

Additional help in tower - We have very few people trained in the tower, this typically falls upon the mom's to help out, but we are seeing fewer moms at the races.  Our goal is to try and improve this so that everybody has some working knowledge of things.  Angela is to plan getting the ladies together to come up with a plan!

Thanks for all the families that attended!  It was a great turnout!