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December 2017 Meeting Notes

In Attendance:  Kinkennon (2), Jones, Ashcraft, Keeney (2), Nestor, McCollum, Boston, Sokol, Burrows (4), Wiggans (2), 

Need to get a member directory for everyone to have

Ideas for awards for the 2nd and 3rd races for the indoor:  

Regional meeting on Wed Dec. 13th 

Location and meeting time 
    possibly at ihop
    2nd Thursday of the month for new meeting times

    Any helmet dated 2005 no longer good 
    Steering wheels needs a foam pad

QMA registration went up to $150 and alternate handlers went up to $75 club membership will remain $100

Still renting our parking spots

McCollum has a person going out Saturday to see about a seal on the track

Volunteer to work on the track car;
    Would like to have 2 cars for small kids and tall kids
Classroom for Novice training before the indoor races
    possible handlers training or someone to help with new handlers