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January 2017 Meeting Notes

In Attendance:  Sokol, Keeney(2), Wiggans(3), Ashcraft, Jones, Burrows (2), Kinkennon (2), Boston, King

Balance:  $13,255.42

Tech:  If you purchase used engine, you are responsible for it.  

Safety:  Belts are good for 4 years.  Mark Ashcraft - Safety Representative

Test Drive:  Group together and plan a date when track melts

Wiggans:  Engineer thing for Flag Stand

Sledge:  Podium

PPQMA Off-Site Race:  Security Service Field & Bass Pro Shops.  Start committee to determine estimated cost for fencing, parking lot, bathrooms, dumpster, flat bed trailer, etc.

Indoor Race:  PPQMA hosting and running Indoor Race #3 on February 4

Trailer for Region 8 Wall:  Found options for trailer that were more cost effective.  Still waiting on ownership to be determined.  

Radio Advertisement:  (J.Burrows)  Commercial and/or On-site Broadcast

Lamar Sign:  Check for cost, see if they would put billboard out on our site.  

Bumper Stickers:  "My kid drives better and faster than you!"

Racing During Eastern Grands:  

Tie in with Pikes Peak or Bust:  Parade


Wishing Star Farm:

Promoter:  Heather (J.Burrows)

St. Patrick's Day Parade/Car Shows/Coffin Race In Manitou/Old Colorado City Car Show/Fan Fest/etc.