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January 2018

Vicki- $12,655 New acct. balance
Square Acct. has been set up for easier payment. A 3% charge will be added to each transaction

QMA Re-newels- Waiting on QMA to send verification back to club, which each registrants, will have to sign their copy. You MUST be a Club and QMA member in order to race Indoors.

Indoor Races- Jan20th- SCQMA Hosting
                          Jan27th- RMQMA Hosting
                          Feb17th- PPQMA Hosting (Pill-draw, Raffle & Welcome Dinner)
                          Feb24th- Region Hosting ( all 3 clubs)
Cost is $35 per car/$35 for Camping per race day
There will be NO Formal NOVICE TRAINING! Up to member to get with Club and get trained/approved ahead of time.
Our Club will set up a training day or two at the track. Email with more info to be sent out.

Regional Meeting- States Race has been eliminated this year. Each Club will be required to have 2 races as Qualifiers. Can be run in Grands Format. Each Club will provide QMA with a roster of who is eligible. All 4 Indoor events will be counted as Grands Qualifiers.

McCollum- Quote For Sealing the concrete only is, $3500

QMA Eastern Grands- Opportunity opened up to Host
-Date Not yet Determined
-Possible Host as a Region-either at our Track or Pueblo, Denver track out
-Application has to be submitted by Jan 15th, 2018
-Voted- All in at our Track. (PPQMA)

Offsite Ideas- Heather willing to call around
-Chapel Hills
-Sky Sox

In attendance-
Kinkennon’s, Keeney’s, Boston, Wiggans, McCollum, Burrows, Ashcraft, Vern Clark, Sokol, 2 Novice Families

Thank You to Mark Ashcraft for updating and running our PPQMA website!

Jimmy Tech Update- Can run 120 OR 140 Honda Springs