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July 2012 Meeting Notes

PPQMA Meeting July 5, 2012

Start Time 6:19

In attendance: Scorman Family, Clark Family, Riggs Family, Morse Family, Kevin Sokol, Boudrieau Family, Brian Jones Family.

Update Roster is at 25 Families.

Non-Profit status:  We are Non-Profit unless we hear different from the government.

Financial Statements:  There is currently $5,522.00 in the Bank

·         Tammy Reen is no longer the treasurer and has not returned money to the club that amounts to approximately $2,000.
·        Betsy Webber-Jarman is the new treasurer.  

Looking at the long term:

·         Winter racing – Something all are interested in.  Cost is approximately $1000 per race.

·         We are able to get the name Western Indoor Nationals.

Robert Forsythe is out as property maint.  We need someone to fill in.  We also need to see what needs to be done.

Need trophy builders:  Boudrieau family has volunteered for that.

Need to set up Prize committee for end of the year.  We will be getting some type of bond $50 for the winter races as we had promised something and we need to back that up.  We all agree to have that done.Peggy will be handling that.

Sponsors – Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza, Sonics of  Pueblo, Ferguson Dealership.

Next Race is in Pueblo July 13 at 6:00 pm

Angela is handling emails and website.

Going to ask Tracy Johnston if she would like to take pictures for the club.

Trailer: all in favor to sell it for $500 - $700, will post on CL for $999.  Steve is going to get the title in place for sale.

Water pump and well are kaput, there is no water in the concession area we need to get estimates (not sure who is doing this)

We all agree that we need to move the meeting dates to the 2nd Thursday of the month.

From previous race it was noted that numbers are falling off of the cars and scoring was an issue.  We have announced that if a number is coming off of a car, a yellow will be thrown and that car will have to come in and have the number taped correctly.  Suggestions were made to use masking tape as it seems to adhere better.

We are going to take a look at pricing for additional transponders.  We may also look at a rent to own program for the new ones if we decided to proceed with that.

Dana is looking at new windows for the tower.  Was going to get Non-Profit cert from Betsy to take to Champions windows to see if they would donate them.

Meeting End time 7:05 pm

Respectfully submitted, Dawn Riggs 07/11/2012 11:18 am