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June 2017 - Meeting Notes

In Attendance:  Ashcraft, Wiggans, Jones, Keeney (2), Burrows (2), Laswell, Boston, Sokol, Moake, Kinkennon (2),  Schankerman, 

Qualifying Date Makeup - Night Race

Sky Sox - Successful event, next year would need to re-evaluate the parking lot condition.  
Thanks to Marv Shugert for sweeping parking lot.  
TODO:  Put Sky Sox Results on Facebook
Extra Sky Sox Tickets - Facebook Offer, Fan Fest
A1 - Feature Winner Stickers for all Winners
Picture to send to Sponsors (7 sponsors + Sledge)

Lighting at Track - $6500 budget, check on grant (mountain view electric)
Insurance for Track - Looking for companies
Night Race - Open track at 8 am- 2pm open practice (be courteous); 2-3:45  Novice Training/Practice; 3:45 pit meeting; 4 start qualifying 6 break before mains start at 7/8
Snack Shack - Open/Lunch Dinner Items Only
Split in middle, combine points of both "races" for final finish.  No adjustments during break, if you do get race director approval and go to back.  No tire changes unless tire broken

Fan Fest - Load in time is 3pm for Booth
Tattoos - 5,000 for $160 - 220
Wiggans - 2 cars
Kinkennon - 1 car
Sokol - Easy Up
Angela - Poster
PPQMA Banner

Corey (Tech) - Hoosier until December; Tire Testing to "test out what tires work best"  August 1st no longer run Dunlops; 

Test Drive 17th/24th 

Highway Signage - Advertising (El Paso County Zoning) on Side of Road