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March 2017 Meeting Notes

In Attendance:  Moake, Sokol, Ashcraft, Keeney, Wiggans(2), Boston, Kinkennon(2), Jones, Caduft, Shughart, Burrows(3), 

Welcome new PPQMA driver Brendon!!!

Balance:  ~$9,500

Safety:  Not allowing cast

Tires:  Dunlop are low supply, can run Hoosiers for a certain period of time

Timing:  Check timing on car that hasn't been verified by your engine builder

Trailer purchased to store the wall ($3,750 from our club); Region will reimburse $1,500 for trailer.  

Signage:  Jimmy Keeney has committed to doing our signs!

Sky Sox Offsite: Ashcraft special price for parking lot for non-profit.  Port-A-Potty $120 for Fri/Sat/Sun; Provide 300 tickets for raffle/driver bags; Will offer stuff for trophies; June 3rd/4th

Track Cleanup - Sunday, April 2nd 10:30 start time.  Gate code is contingent to volunteer time.  

Car Show - Sam Kinkennon & Ferguson sponsoring car show, car wash and silent auction (bid war). Donations to kids.  Each participant $20 pre-register, $25 on date.  "Hot Cars & Rising Stars"; Kids get to be the judges of the car show!  May 6th Looking for trophy sponsors.  Donations for auction items (good stuff!)!!!


  -  Mountain Country - Free PSA because of non-profit.  Brian Groff 710 car show.  Promote PPQMA, promote car show, promote outdoor races.  Couple of weeks notice

  - FanFest  June 23rd 5-10pm;  10x10  $300; 

  - Great Wolf Lodge - $100 Gift Cert, give us a one night stay

Flagman Radios - 

Tower Insurance -

Victory Circle/Banner - Sledge is building podium (by 1st Race), possibly getting pavestones, 

Mountain View - Mark Ashcraft - Grant for Lighting =  

Bylaws - Board members to update and get accurate.