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May 2016

May 9, 2016

In Attendance:  Moake, Jones, Sokol, Kinkennon (2), Ashcraft, Keeney (2), Burrows (2), Boston, Wiggans

Balance:  $7931.89

Vicki - Got taxes done for PPQMA!  Yay!

Novice Training for May 14/15 race weekend:  Some families will be down on Friday night, but a couple won't be able to make it until Saturday. 

Track Cleanup - Thanks to Corey for getting roof, thanks to Keeneys for dirt grating, thanks to Moakes for new plumbing and Brett for electrical work in concession stands.  

More paint has been donated to us:
  -  5 gallons of white
  -  5 gallons of gray

  - Mike will be in Pueblo on Friday night to finish tech.  
  - New tech tools for Briggs/Stratton $300  - Everybody approved

Father's Day Race
  -  Special Trophies
    *  Top 3 of All classes for combined race weekend (Sat & Sun)
    *  Fast Time
  -  Cookies for everybody
  -  Father's Day Pictures
    *  Amber -  Take pictures
    *  Angela - Order frames and make pictures
  -  Father's Day Dinner
    *  La Mission - Dinner for ~$500
    *  Amber to 
  -  Driver Bags
    *  Melissa, Carina, Wendy, Amber, Sarah?
  -  Raffle Items
    *  Email to group... 
  -  Concession Stand 
    *  Need Volunteers
  -  Shopping Cart Race
    *  Amber to check with Safeway
  -  Pre-Registration for Race

Access to Track
  -  Gate Code
  -  Same process as SCQMA
    *  Same verbage
  -  Markshuffel from 24 to Bradley is closed this summer; take Bradley to 94
  -  $3000 sponsor for transponders
  -  Talk to SCQMA, but our transponders are working fine and not work throwing away for new ones that might be obsolete in the future

  -  $50 to approve for board member

Blue Rookie Novice
  -  Need to decide with Novice Committee

Meeting Time
  -  6:30 - 7:30pm - 2nd Monday of every month
  -  If Board Meeting needed, will be held afterwards.  

Signs for Sponsors