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September 2012 Meeting Notes

PPQMA Meeting September 13, 2012


Start Time: 6:30 pm


Financial Statements: There is currently $7889.54 in the bank


TRAILER – Ladies at Rocky Mountain Cycle are working on getting title for the trailer at the track.  We are hoping to sell it for $1000.  If anybody knows somebody who would be interested in it, please contact Steve. 


LAST RACE – The last race at the PPQMA track is Sunday, September 23td. 


WORK DAY – After final race we are going to get together to do some improvements to the track in order to be ready for the next Spring season.  We are planning on doing this Sunday, September 30th at 10am.  We will be holding a potluck, so bring a dish to share with the other volunteers.  No race cars on track that day. 

·        Drain tower water – probably not much there since we have water pump issues

·        Seal cracks on track (Steve to talk with Willy)

·        Look into shade for stands (Dana & Heidi to look into)

·        Ideas on how to pad concrete around lights in middle of track? 

·        Repair bulletin board used for posing lineup order.  Perhaps just a painted wood board with clips permanently attached. 

·        Repaint main sign off Highway 94.  Also paint sign that directs traffic to pits and parking

·        Pull water pump; need equipment to help (Dana and Kevin to assist)

·        Tower cleanup – paint interior, clean carpets, etc.

·        Replenish equipment (neon vests (corner 1 & flagman) , first aid supplies, etc.)

·        Charge fire extinguishers


INDOOR RACING BONDS – Peggy to get with Betsy. 


BUTTERBRAID FUNDRAISING – Betsy to bring information to next meeting.  Should get braids in time for Thanksgiving. 


POINTS TROPHY AWARD BANQUET – Trying to plan for 1st weekend in November.  Working on getting prices for trophies.  Have sponsors for trophies (Rocky Mountain Cycle & Ferguson), looking into more (Sonic, etc.).  John DeLuke to ask if we can have event at Union Hall.  People will pay for their meal, but club will pay for trophies.  There will also be door prizes and other entertainment for the kids.  Angela to check to see if Magic Man entertainer can do magic tricks and balloon animals for the kids.  We want this to be a memorable experience for the kids!


Meeting adjourned 7:05 pm


Respectfully Submitted by Angela Mandelkow.