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September 2016 - Meeting Notes

Monday, September 12, 2016

In Attendance:  Sokol (3), Jones, Boston, Keeney (2), Ashcraft, Kinkennon (2), Burrows (3)

Balance:  $14,219.49

Looking into cost of scoreboard (possibly?)
Radios (Rugged Radios - Corey to look into it)
Test Drive Car - Gears, Engine Hub, Throttle Stop, exhaust pipe, Stickers) - Running by October
Flyers for Test Drive (Sun, Oct 9th, or Sun, 23rd)
Parade (Fountain/Widefield, Parade of Lights, St. Patrick's Day)
October - Work Party (Paint, Wall Repair)
Repair Yellow Flag (New Dowel)
Podium - Sledge Larsen or Dave Wiggans
Install Cabinets
Concrete Joints (Sealant) - Lloyd to get recommendation
Paint Trash Cans
Cover for Flag Stand (Kevin to get steel donated, possibly)
Sod inside track
Flyer - Schedule of Events
Sponsor Logos Hung