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September 2017 - Meeting Notes

In Attendance:  Burrows (3), Jones, Kinkennon (2), McCollum, Shugart, Caduff, Moake, Schankerman, Sokol, Boston, Ashcraft, Keeney (2), Wiggans, 

Balance:  $11,337.31

To be paid at end of year:  Charter, Insurance, Moscore will bring balance down to ~$8,000

Safety: No major updates

     Tires:  As a club we are voting to use Hoosier tires for next 2 years.  Kevin to send note on behalf of PPQMA.  
     Fuel:  Fuel tester is not properly calibrated.  

Scale:   Needs to be repaired (Corey to get somebody to look at repairing it).  Everybody needs to weigh their cars at all tracks.  

Grill:  Purchase a new grill for Snack Shack.  Budget of $150 -  Approved by members

Mower:  Purchase a mower to be used for mowing center field.  Budget of $150 - Approved by members; Randall will donate one to the track.

Mowing:  Schubert mowed the majority of the field.  McCollum mowed it before our last race weekend.  

Winterize/Track Cleanup:  
     Sealing track:  
     Drain water system:  John will do it after the last race.
     Sponsorships:  Lenz will be taken down.  Will check with RMCP and RMPursabilities will be taking down

Sky Sox - Feature Winner Stickers

Pumpkin Race:  Remind everybody including Novice families.  

Last Race:  Track open on Friday @ 4pm, lights will be on for late night practice

Sunday Fun Race:  $5 per car, open to anybody

PPIR Race:  September 30th, More info to be emailed out shortly.  

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