November 2015

Meeting Date:  November 12, 2015
Held at:  Boriello Brother's on 8th Street @ 6:30pm
Submitted By:  Angela Mandelkow

In attendance:  Kinkennon (2), Sokol, Clark (2), Bowers, Keeney (2), Jarman, Jones, Steffensmeier, Boston, Watson, Burrows (3)

Balance:  $5521
All bills are paid (insurance and charter)

Still have a bunch of trophies left over from this year (rain dates, extras ordered)  Also have trophies being held at Blue Ribbon.  

We were going to purchase a car from a dealer in Denver but they have increased the price.  We will continue to look for an older inexpensive car to be used for Try-It-You'll-Like-It.  

Cookie fundraiser brought in $38 profit.  If you do cookies for party use the company and mention PPQMA and they will donate back to us.  

Track is looking good, weeds are all maintained.  

Dave (QMA President) is urging us to have a Grands.  They will provide the Tech Inspector and Race Directory, we would need to provide food, parking, trophies, etc.  

USAC will have a race at PPIR this year!  :)

Next Saturday, November 21st there will be a SCS Meeting at Sarge's Grill in Fountain @ 1:30pm to discuss the SCS Series Rulebook and 2016 schedule.  

Board Member Election Results ( 2 year term):
  • President - Kevin Sokol
  • Vice President - Kirby Kinkennon
  • Secretary - Angela Mandelkow
  • Treasurer - Vicki Keeney
  • Board Member #5 - Jimmy Keeney
  • Board Member #6 - Kirk Burrows
  • Board Member #7 - Braden Watson
  • Tech Inspector - Mike Bowers
  • Trophies - Amber Sokol
  • Novice Trainer - Team to be determined
  • Track Maintenance - Team to be determined

Thanks for all the families that attended!  It was a great turnout!