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Quarter Midget Q & A


What is Quarter Midget Racing?

It is a family oriented sport that involves racing in specially prepared cars. A quarter midget car is a scaled-down version of an actual midget racer, approximately ¼ scale. The cars, rules and safety procedures are designed specifically for kids. They race on oval tracks approximately 1/20 of a mile. Quarter midget racing is divided into 16 classes and divisions with ages ranging from 5-16.

It was started to develop sportsmanship in the children while also providing a family oriented racing activity. In recognition of the drivers, trophies are awarded at Regional, State, and National events. No cash prizes are awarded.

Who got their start in quarter midget racing?

Bobby Labonte, Terry Labonte, Jeff Gordon, Ryan Newman, Ken Schrader, J.J. Yeley, Joey Logano, Justin Allgaier, and Ryan Blaney.

How do I get started?

PPQMA offers Promotional Days throughout the year. These dates will be pushed out so continue to check the website. This is an opportunity to drive a Quarter Midget without having to purchase one. We will provide the car and all the necessary safety equipment. And, after some simple instructions, your child will be allowed to drive a Quarter Midget on the track with track officials there to assist.

How much does it cost?

Used equipment varies greatly in price. While you can spend much more, most new families can find used packages that include a used car, a motor, a pit cart and even spare parts for $1500.00 to $2500.00. Also, there are new cars that are available from the different chassis manufacturers but of course those will be at a higher cost. A used package is usually the preferred choice for Novices.

Is it safe?

Safety features include full roll cages, multi-point seat harnesses, full face helmets, and other gear. This sport has fewer injuries than little-league football. Quarter Midgets of America (QMA) is constantly reviewing and evaluating safety rules to ensure that quarter midget racing remains a safe, competitive sport.

How much does it cost to enter?

PPQMA club races are $30.00 per car per driver to register. Most of the regional and national events range in price from $30.00 to $50.00 per car per event to register.

Where are the races?

There are plenty of opportunities to race throughout the country. Our series races are held at our home track located in Ellicott Colorado, We also race with Southren Colorado Quarter Midget (SCQMA) located in Pueblo, Colorado and Rocky Mountain Quarter Midget located in Erie, Colorado. We typically will have around 18 club races per year with a couple regional races at the track. If your team chooses to travel, rest assured that there are races held coast to coast throughout the year.

What are the different classes?

Regardless of age, all kids are required to participate in the Novice program. The Novice program is a non-competitive class designed to make your child comfortable with lining up, passing, getting on and off the track safely and being on the track with other cars. After a driver graduates from Novice, there are 16 different Quarter Midget classes for race teams to choose from. Classes are based upon age, weight, and the different motor combinations that are available, with many drivers participating in multiple classes.

Are we able to practice?

Yes. Once you join QMA and PPQMA, you are given the code to the track so you can practice as often as you like.

What does it cost to join?

Currently, the annual cost to join QMA is $150.00 per family. In addition, there is a $100.00 annual fee to join PPQMA.

Need more information?

To find out more information, or to get details on how to join, please send us a message from the contact us page.