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Quarter Midget Info


Quarter Midget Racing is a competitive sport open to children between the ages
of five (5) and sixteen (16). The cars are scaled down versions of midget racecars
driven by a small one cylinder engine.

The race tracks are either asphalt or dirt and are usually 1/20th of a mile around. The
drivers can attain speeds of 15-40 miles per hour. 

Safety is a paramount concern, with all cars being required to undergo a strict safety inspection, and all drivers must have seat and shoulder belts, racing jackets, gloves, full-face helmets, neck and arm restraints. 

Overall emphasis of the sport is on sportsmanship and family participation. For the children,
it helps develop coordination, self-reliance, competition and a sense of responsibility.  The only prizes awarded are trophies. There are never any monetary rewards. 

Races are done under the guidance of a parent organization known as QMA, Quarter Midgets of America. Being a member of QMA allows you to participate in events at any member track in the United States and Canada. It also provides insurance and a uniform set of rules.